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John 8

John 8 starts out with the Pharisees bringing a woman who has committed adultery to Jesus. They promptly tell Him that the punishment for such a sin is to stone her to death, but Jesus kneels down in the sand and begins to write. Eventually, He tells the people around Him, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first. He then kneels down and writes again, and the people around Him leave.

This story was best described to me by one of my old pastors. He explained that the Pharisees were essentially trying to trick Jesus into making a decision that was against God. Either He would condemn her and send her to her death, or He would not judge her sin and not show His power as God’s son. But Jesus handles it well (like Jesus always does), and writes in the sand.

The question becomes, what did He write in the sand? It seems that maybe He started writing the names of the people that were standing there in the crows, and next to those names he began to list off each of their sins. This seems most likely considering He then tells the crowd that the person without sin may throw the first stone. It’s a crude awakening to the people around Him, but it caused them to realize that they were just as guilty as the woman laying in the street before them (probably naked since she was just caught in the act of adultery).

So how does this apply to my life? Jesus was the only person in that crowd that had committed no sins, and he easily could have casted the first stone, but He didn’t. The truly amazing love and grace of Jesus is shown in this instance when Jesus shows that He forgives all people and that even if everyone else in the world condemns us for what we have done, Jesus never will.

Pray this week about any situations that you have been part of where you were the girl in the street facing the condemnation of the world around you. Jesus forgives you, and in those tough times, remember that you can always rely on God.


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